The Darkest Fire - Gena Showalter In short: It’s about Geryon and Kadence; he was a human before and now he's half animal, she's a goddess. He sold his soul to Lucifer to save his wife who later left him. Now he's a guardian at the gates of hell, making sure nothing and no one gets out. She was sent by other Gods to watch the wall and she's connected to it. Demons (Lords) want out so they created a crack in that wall; those two have to fix it and hunt the ones who broke it.

I liked the characters. Geryon's kind, sweet and caring. He accepted being a slave cause every time he tried fighting it innocent people suffered. Kadence is perfection to him, something pure and beautiful. She is a sweetheart and accepts him as he is. He is intriguing to her and even though he is a beast, she sees goodness in him.

The only little minus is even though they kept seeing each other for years their falling in love was too fast. I mean, they never talked to one another; he just saved her once before and now they are saving the universe while thinking "I love you so". (Not in that exact word but you understand my point.)

The ending was cheesy and sad but kinda happy because they are finally free after so many centuries being "slaves".

And I loved the bit with Pandora’s Box.