Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I`ve also read unpublished version and fell in love with it since the begining. I hope they didn`t change much. It`s very hot read but also romantic and I loved the changes that happened with the characters.

Updated after reading!!

If I were looking at the whole story, the grade would definitely be 5. Since this is only 1/3 of the plot I had to give it 3,5-4,0. Christian was kinda cold at the beginning IMO. He `s kept himself at distance and (even though I know the reason behind it) I didn’t like it. But playful Christian was something entirely else; sweet, funny...and let's not forget that smirk. Ana was likeable, I understood her thoughts and fears but she kept saying "Holy shit" too much. LOL

Then there were times when I was really annoyed and beyond pissed. That damned list of rules made me stop and think of never reading the story again (just like the first time I saw it), also I can't count how many times I rolled my eyes on it. My behind would have been burning if Fifty had seen me. *smirk*

BUT it got better toward the end. I loved how different she was to him from all other submissives and how he enjoyed that. Their e-mails were funny and honest and it helped seeing the other side of Christian; or should I say one of the shades of fucked up. I liked that he hadn’t been able to break Ana’s “disobedient” personality. Of course I can't forget the hot sex and kinky fuckery. *naughty grin*

I'm definitely continuing with this story because I love their relationship after the break up; when they bend the rules and Christian gets closer to Ana. Later he loosens up and she matures; I like them more that way.

Btw I have to say that the scene where this part ends is very cruel to those who don't know the rest. Major cliffhanger... *shakes head disapprovingly*

PS. I apologize for my poor grammar.