The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter 4.5

The story is very good. Little mix of BDB and Dark Hunter with a touch of Demonica; it worked perfectly.


I loved Ashlyn! She is stubborn, brave, forgiving, kind, playful...real sweetie. She gave Maddox the reason to live and eased his nights of pain. At the end she sacrificed herself to stop him from constant dying.
Maddox is...hmm...violent. Everything gets him angry and wakes his craving to kill. He is an alpha male, very protective and possessive. Has constant mood swings and no wish to live. The only one that calms him is Ashlyn (before her he had to be beaten in submission).
They had some weird connection from the first moment they'd met. There was that famous MINE that I love. They also wanted to rip each others cloths off and %@#$. Through first half of the book the only reasons for them liking each other were: Ashlyn-she needed him to keep the voices away but already liked him a little bit, Maddox-he was horny and wanted to devour her. Than when she got ill, his feelings suddenly changed. He wanted to talk with her, spend time with her and his demon wanted to claim her but also protect her. He's okay but not my favorite Lord.


Lords are too good to be true. Their interaction, fighting, teasing is awesome. Torin is currently my favorite. He's a prankster, funny and sarcastic and doesn't deserve the demon that possesses him. Lucian is the head of the family. He's calm and rational. Aeron has a demon similar to Maddox but I still don't know what to think about him. Reyes is interesting character, very serious and requires pain to live. I wonder how that is going to affect Danika. Paris is one horny guy. He's addicted to porn and ladies. Kane, Gideon and Cameo are hilarious without even trying to be. Their demons are funny but at the same time sad. Amun is silent and keeps himself at distance. Sabin is a leader like Lucian and I don't have any impression about Strider except that he's very competitive.

This book was sexy, funny, intense, scary and worth reading. Now, moving onto the next one.